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26 Apr 2016

University and course to study in Singapore


It is enumerated that the popular university admissions season is in full swing, and this is a suitable time for passionate students in Singapore. The present day tertiary education landscape here has expanded significantly, and there are now many beneficial pathways for students to pick Which university and course to study from.

Many could select from traditional professional degree courses in medicine or engineering to music and the liberal arts and science. Some of the students might have secured multiple offers from several universities in Singapore and overseas. The zeal students would have to make an acceptance decision soon.

For each year, the familiar Ministry of Education publishes the employment rates and median starting salaries of fresh graduates of the several degree programs provided by local universities. One could also select depending upon the quality GES data which offer an indication of starting salaries.

If the familiar university department excels in research and counts world-leading researchers in the field, it is likely that cutting-edge research would actively filter through to your learning experience. The students would have the ample opportunity to be taught by highly regarded academics, and there would be numerous opportunities to conduct research under whos who in the field. This is specifically valuable if you have a very strong interest in research or academic.

Moreover selecting a university that excels in your area of interest may also open up more specialized opportunities, respectively as advanced facilities, academic opportunities such as overseas study or research trips, as well as internships and employment opportunities with efficacious organizations in the industry.

Apart from academic reputation, your choice of the university would also affect your life intellectually, socially and professionally. The professionals should actually evaluate the entire student experience, and whether it would suit you perfectly. One could find out if the social setting on campus is what you would wish to be part of.

National University of Singapore NUS has, for instance, the Yale-NUS College and the University Town Residential College programs, which provide an integrated living and learning experience, with an intellectually vibrant setting. Another distinctive program is the NUS Overseas Colleges program, where students get to live, work and study in an entrepreneurial hub namely as Silicon Valley, New York City or Stockholm, taking entrepreneurship classes at a partner university while working. Eventually, the eminent Study Singapore offers some good guidance with regard to which university and course to study.

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