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7 Jul 2015

Why Study in Singapore?


Why Study in Singapore?

If you were smart thinker in 1807 you had moved to Britain, if you were too brilliant in 1907 you moved to US, and if you are really smart enough in 2007 you move to Asia. One has to say that Singapore of 40 years ago was a developing kid with almost half a million people. But now with amazing improvement the Singapore after 40 years later, is the country with the huge foreign currency reserve per capita of any country in the globe.

According to StudySingapore it has got the quality education in the universe, the top health care in the globe. People are really amazed to visit to Singapore and view that everything works professionally. Singapore is fast going to be the best financial center of Southeast Asia, most probably Asia, and eventually one of the best financial centers of the globe, according to StudySingapore.

Factors to Choose Study in Singapore!

It is rated no. 1 in the world by World Bank for simplification doing business
They are ranked as third wealthiest nation in the world by Forbes magazine.
Singapore has been qualitatively ranked as the third most globalized economy among 60 of the world’s largest economies in the latest released Ernst and Young 2011 Globalization Index
It is expediently rated no. 1 as the most politically stable country in Asia
They are best rated as No. 1 best labor force in the globe
Singapore is efficaciously rated as No.1 in Asia for quality of life
The corporate tax rates are about 8.5% up to $300K profits and a flat 17%
It is said that there are no dividend or capital gains taxes in Singapore
No estate/death/inheritance tax in Singapore
Amazingly Personal tax rates start at 0% and max out at 20% above $320K

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